No magic. No cheats. Just good old fashioned motivation.

Get a compost bin.

You might be thinking I’m off my rocker, but you’re going to want to try this. The reason this works is because to feed the compost bin one needs nitrogen: vegetables, fruit, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells. All good things. And also good things to feed plants, trees, shrubs, and even grass when it’s all decomposed.

It’s a win-win situation here.

I don’t have time for that!

Let’s talk about priorities for a second (because I have to check mine daily 😂). If something is important, I’m going to put it on my calendar. Does that mean I might need to brush a few things off the busier-than-a-bee schedule?


But health is important to me. 🙌

Which means half of the grocery budget is going to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Because if they are fresh then they need to be used. 🧐

And I won’t be tempted by the satanic spawn of fast food.

The plant babies and my body will both thank me. 🤯