A poem

The mission was impossible
(At least, that’s what was said)
The people were so long enslaved
They’d never understand

Despite this thought, the Prince, he went
And took the human guise
In stature and in wisdom grew
Won praise before our eyes

The mission went full well at first
The Prince he walked the land
Until betrayal from a friend
That seemed to end the plan

But treachery was not unseen
He used it for the best
Stormed through the fortress of the fiend
And stole the keys of death!

Now he walks into the room
That holds people full of fear
He frees the slaves and saves the doomed
And gives his life for theirs

But he who holds the keys of death
Can never conquered be
Three days it was and then returned
The Prince in full glory

The records now exchanged have been
Replaced by him, the Prince
Not just erased, but full exchanged
For his of truth and grace

Despite this all the enemy
Still thinks that he can win
He guards the broken fortress walls
To keep his prisoners in

But therein boldly strides the Prince
Ignoring dark and gloam
Penetrates the heart with ease
And brings his people home

The mission was impossible
(At least that’s what was said)
Until the Prince stepped into life
And let us understand