I said in a previous post that I’d be introducing you to our new Blogging Team, or, as I call them: Authors of the Feels.

They may or may not know I’m doing this, so let’s see if I can get this thing posted before they stop me. 😉


I don’t know about that!

C.Sulliven, about twice every discussion

If I had to sum C. up, I’d probably say something to the effect of: “Persons can be known for intellect or nerddom, charm or kindness, but rarely is one a mix of all. Of intellect, C. is pretty dern smart! Finished early in both high school and college. C. writes a ton, and out of all my close friends, she published first! Super impressive to me. Of nerddom, C.Sulliven knows DC, Marvel, DnD, Percy Jackson, and Leverage, and when the debate is on, C.’s Eliot Spencer will give your Bruce Wayne a run for its money! Meaning, she can go on and on about whatever she’s interested in! C. has no idea I think there is charm deep within. Seriously though, I find myself watching her a lot. I realized C.’s easy nature and careful speech has a distinct charm to it. One that makes any listener very patient for C.’s thoughts. And C.’s kindness? Well. She was the first person to fan art my characters. Special respect, right there. (I should mention C. drew them DC-style. So entirely super-buff did she draw the patriarch character, I had to rethink his fitness!)

I’m most excited to see what things C.Sulliven will bring to this place, because, for her, the sky is the limit!

This is the pic I think gives me the C.Sulliven feels.

Inconspicuous Tribble

Ahh, I see.

Inconspicuous Tribble, multiple times a day

Inconspicuous Tribble is dear to me. Not only does the Star Trek reference make me very happy, but after talking some about possible content, I’m utterly convinced that no one else can do it! The kindness and the keen heart in Inconspicuous Tribble will only add to the feels here. There is an incredible view of the world here (I mean, tribbles are known for being small and eating a lot, still.) and our new resident tribble will be poking at some fun and deep stuff. Inconspicuous just might make the world fall in love with his tiny person, too!

I’m most excited for Inconspicuous Tribble to introduce us to short original stories. Perhaps even the kind children can read. 😀

This is the pic I think gives me the Inconspicuous Tribble feels.

Leigh Iter


Leigh Iter

Leigh Iter is my highly talented friend. She’s good at writing (very good) and happens to be impressive at sewing. She likes the color mauve and is allergic to Texas. Okay, maybe not, but it’s a lot of things. She’s prissy about grammar, and it’s all I can do to push her out of her highly organized way of doing things! But that’s one of the things I love about her: she can put messes to rights. Her contributions will be grand and quirky, I hope. And if we get to glimpse some of her sketches and color art, then we will count ourselves blessed.

I’m wishing and praying for Leigh Iter to add some original fiction dribbles. I think her short stories would be good for those who like to read and get it done!

This is the pic I think gives me the Leigh Iter feels.

Mia Gwennan

I hope so…

Mia Gwennan

Mia Gwennan is a loft in a sun-basking barn where the air smells like clean, fresh hay. The soft feels about her are sure to make you want to draw close. She is mature, gifted, sweet, and helpful. She giggles at the drop of a hat. My friend is warm and texts hugs and other soul-reassuring emojis. I am a bully to her (well, the nice kind) and tell her all of the writer tricks that I know, and then I demand writing. Story. Sentences. Whatever she can manage. One day, I hope to convince her that her novel needs to be written, that she’ll write it, edit it, and publish it.

I can’t wait for whatever Mia Gwennan decides to deliver to us here! It’s bound to be good.

This is the pic I think gives me the Mia Gwennan feels.

Taya Weavers

I think so…

Taya Weavers

Taya Weavers brings some interesting viewpoints to us here. I like her a lot. Sweet, kind, and good, she seems so perfect all the time. But a heart-to-heart with Taya brings out the beautiful truth about her: she’s learned that not okay is perfectly acceptable for a time. That real rawness is what makes her words powerful to me. She is incredible with her fine art. It’s like she was born for big canvases! She also has a way with words and pictures. I’m certain we will be better for whatever she decides to share with us.

The main thing I’m hoping to see from Taya Weavers is anything she’s never done before. Her trying something new tends to be like an unfolding flower. But even if she sticks with what she knows, it’ll be great. For all of us.

This is the pic I think gives me the Taya Weavers feels.

May the blogging begin!