Captain’s Log-a-Journey, Earthspins Vortex Count 1502.22… My ship encountered an “anxiety storm” in routine mission to enjoy the day. Rough phase-variance particle waves buffeted us for the day. Had to go to yellow alert and keep everyone on lockdown. Seriously. On the Rest Day? Gladly, these situations come against my recent training. We have ways to deal with these things…

This Day of Rest Report is kinda sad.

Everything I had planned had to take a back seat.

I fought anxiety all day.

Gladly, however, I now know how to fight.

I know when to rest. I know when to chomp a Life Mint. I know what meds to take and how to tell if I need them or if I just need to employ other methods.

I suppose I did rest in the sunlight, and that was pretty glorious.

Also, Spotify helped me stay calm when the neighborhood sounds got unbearable. HSP ears are great for picking up every dog bark, every airplane, helicopter, screaming child, and wind gust. Seriously.

The bright spot was definitely that my Husband praised my decisions to take care of myself. And he kept checking on me. To make sure the anxiety was under control. 💙

Most anxiety days, when he’s away at work, I deal with “alone feels” until he returns home. Of course, there’s always Roommate (who works remote) if I need anything. She doesn’t mind being bothered if it helps me calm down. I do admit trying to get through the recent days without bothering her. She has so much work.

So, all in all, this Day of Rest had me feeling loved, wanted, and cared for.

I also believe I made good decisions, choosing to abandon my premeditated plans of fun, and just relax.

Did I mention I like staring at the ceiling? Looks like a reverse lunar surface.


We’ll try again next Day of Rest.