Captain’s Log-a-Journey, Earthspins Vortex Count 0002.22… Tomorrow is the famed “Rest Day” on our vessel, and the Mate is excited. No doubt the completion of Ni No Kuni has him ready to attack his new Nintendo Switch games. That leaves me free to rest, relax, and generally be in vacation mode. We’ll see if I discover a new planet or galaxy, as it were inevitable, I am always collecting more.

Considered activities in no particular order:

  • Watch an episode of seaQuest DSV
  • Lay in the sun like a cat
  • Nap
  • Watch a bit of the Magnolia Network
  • Play with the video game Husband and I are building together for Valentines Day
  • Listen to my new weekend listening Spotify playlist
  • Color
  • Draw a map for fun
  • Write
  • Nest
  • Try out the new games I downloaded to my phone

If that’s too much, I’ll just add in more ceiling-staring time. 🙂

This HSP is delighted by this list. 💙

And, Texas has hit 11:52p, so now it’s big sleep time.