Tomorrow is the day of the week that Husband and I take 100% off. The rule is “No getting ahead” and so I’m wondering tonight about what I will do tomorrow.

So I think a list is in order.

  • Eat sugary cereal
  • Take a bath with a bath bomb (the rose-scented one!)
  • Paint my nails (the new teal color Co-Writer bought me)
  • Write on a new story or ficcy
  • Come up with a new set of plots (eeeeee, maybe this one is a bad idea…)
  • Read that book about Tolkien & C.S. Lewis
  • Draw with brush markers
  • Watercolor
  • Journal
  • Make raisin & chocolate-chip scones (only if someone else does the hand mixing)
  • Sit in the sun
  • Listen to Spotify (my playlists)
  • Catch up on Duck Call Room (my current favorite podcast)
  • Stare at the ceiling (a very restful action for me)

I think that about covers it.

This HSP is delighted by this list. đź’™

And since Texas has hit 11:25p, I suppose it’s big sleep time.