Today it snowed on top of overnight ice. Mmm, pretty.

Fort Worth gets snow, but not super-often. Maybe once a year. Ice or sleet is more common. Or the occasional tornado during hot-air-cold-air-clash season. I am ecstatic.

I mean. Snow!

Handprint in the snow

I’ve texted around with my creatives’ group and many of them are experiencing the same. Even being in several different U.S. states. It’s so glorious! Pictures of trees covered, mountains covered, cars covered.

I’d said that if it snowed, I’d run out and make a snowball.

Don’t think that’ll happen at this point. Had to take the anti-anxiety meds this afternoon. I’m feeling good, but it’s more of a sleepy, peaceful good. Not a run-outside-and-get-freezy-fingers sort of feeling. At all.

One of the best things about all of this section of Texas cancelling schools and many businesses deciding not to open? That I cannot hear any traffic! It’s so quiet. 💙

It’s glorious.

“Snow is silent. And when it snows, it brings peaceful quiet.”

Keviana Elliot (Me)

I really do need to close my eyes now. I’m so relaxed.

To sum up the day quick-like: I spent this snow day looking outside, drinking hot tea, talking deep things with Husband, writing sci-fi, and nesting.


Good day. ❄️