I have more story plots.

I’m busy writing them out right now into my Magnolia journal to keep from forgetting them and everything I know comes along with them.

Thirteen of ‘em. All today.

I am supremely grateful for them. Super excited for them to stand next to the small forest of plots that are being birthed out of me this year.


Flippin’ heck!

I still have twelve in-progress I need to finish!!!

I keep thinking Co-Writer is going to give me the boot when I approach her with new stories, as I feel I rightly should when I allow myself to wander in the Creator. But today? She just gave me that big smile of hers and encouraged me to get them written down.


Maybe it’s a part of what keeps me fresh and eyes-wide and delighted.

I’d just really like to finish the projects I’ve got. Any day now. Any time now.

Writer frustrations, rrrrrrrggghh!