Frustrated and mad and tired and ready to nap. My late father used to term this state ‘huffy‘. Yes, I’m huffy.

Co-Writer and I have been working through how to arrange files in WorldAnvil. Both of us are polar opposites in our individual giftings, and those giftings were banging into each other in grand, strong fashion. I say ‘were‘ because we arrived at a compromise.

It’s a compromise I can live with, but I’m still not 100% happy about it. (And I very much doubt she is either.) However, we are speaking of a solution for now, this time, day and age, and this will get us down the road to the next filing hurdle. Because there’s always a filing hurdle. Can’t build a franchise without ’em.

“Done is better than perfect.”

-Sheryl Sandberg

So I need a nap and to just let this thing stew away or slip away. It’s really not that important in the long run.

One day, I hope to own countless servers with big databases, meticulously organized with clever search features that rival Marvel’s database. I hope VR-experiences, a ton of anime, and smart phone app features are a part of what we offer. I want immersive. Nothing less.

And with that talking, I can clearly see now: I just need a nap. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being protective of that dream. But sacrificing my relationship with the Co-Writer is a non-option. Even if the dream fails. God will see us through. But I’m not doing this without her.

And I hope that the file situation continues to work itself out, year after year. Because forty-five years of one’s life is a long old time to spend on the same thing with filing troubles plaguing it throughout. 😭