Friends and Friends-Not-Met-Yet💛, welcome to my (slightly updated) bloggie. 👩🏻‍💻Where I wax eloquent (or not) on things of beauty🌸, wonder💫, and sci-fi🪐. Or not.

I’d like to think🤔 I’m funny sometimes, but I think it’s just an inner ploy of my heart getting me to be brave⚔️ and take risks. [Insert Deep Wondering: That’s a thing, right? Comedians doing comedy to overcome stage fright💃🏻? I think there’s a technical term for it. Must do research🕵🏻 on Goo-Gal*. “Atychiphobia”🔍? Got it. Deep Wondering answered✅.] So, if that’s the stuff you like to watch👀 (even when it goes horribly, horribly wrong🤭), stick around.

2021🗓 is the year to try new✨ things—or at least I’ve heard it is—so this year marks the start of opening Comments🗯 on this blog. Not a big thing, by itself. But the fact that I’m going to 👉choose 1 Commenter (capitalized because a Commenter is like solid gold🏆 Chick-fil-A nuggets to a blogger😭) each month to send a digital prize🎁 to.

I’m excited🤩 to see who will win this month’s prize… Hopefully, you all will like💕 it.

So. What else is new?

This❕: I’m trying to blog with emoji’s more. 🤓

It’s a new thing for me🧐, and some of you will like it👍. Some of you will absolutely loathe😡 it. But, either way, I think it will convey the quick and raw emotions💬 of what’s being read. Kind of how a picture paints🎨 a thousand words? Only, more, an emoji settles a thousand guessed❓ meanings. Or something like that.🤷🏻‍♀️

Speaking of, does anyone have a favorite💘 emoji that no📵 one else uses? I mean, one that your friends🌐 never seem to touch? Like ever🤔? But for some reason you👈 can put it into a sentence easylike😌 because you love its little emoji meaning hardcore💪? If so, put it⬇️⬇️⬇️ in the comments.

Your 🧚‍♀️encouragement🧚‍♂️ blip for today: Don’t try funny business, because ☑️the real you☑️ is a gem💎.

I’ll see you later. 🖖

*Google termed “Goo-Gal” first by Tim Ross. I was exposed to said comment HERE.