Once upon a time, a girl set out a list of thirty-odd words to use as writing prompts, hoping that the discipline of writing 50 words and only 50 words for each prompt would help her start writing again.

She didn’t get very far.

Nine prompts and 500 words later, she returned to the list, added a few more prompts, finessed a few of the completed prompts, and re-engaged the challenge.

I present to you today 100 words in two pieces inspired by the word “Scrabble.”

Prompt word: Scrabble

Version 1:

“It’ll be fun, he said.”
Button sized rocks skid out from underfoot.
“An easy path, he said.”
The handhold breaks and tumbles down the mountainside.
“You’ll love it, he said.”
Two quick springs and a desperate grab.
“See if I…”
A final lunge over the ridge.
“…listen to him again.”

Version 2:

Edmund eyed the board with distaste.  “You’re sure this is a game.”

“Highly enjoyed by the monarchs of Shoka.”  Erain poked the wooden letter tiles.

“Spelling.  As a game.”  One eyebrow arched.

Erain shrugged. “I’m told they hosted a week-long tournament.”

“And I thought Conrad’s taste in games was odd.”

Writing these half-drabbles is an interesting challenge.  I have to choose my words with extreme care to convey the emotion and feel of the setting.  And I have to consider a broad variety of scenarios to which those words can be applied.  Plus it’s fun to experiment with styles.

What scenarios does “scrabble” bring to your mind?


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