I’ll make this quick and painless.

Fix 95% of your tech issues by turning it off and on again.

You heard me.

If it has a processor for dealing with data, try a 30-second full power down.

This method works for me in the I.T. field over and over again.

It works on all models of smart phone, printer, computer, laptop, Mac, Amazon product (Kindle, Echo, etc.), movie player, music player, Chromecast, Google Home, smart speaker, speaker system, Wi-Fi booster, signal router, etc. So much so, it’s to the point of being laughable. Comical.

Forced power downs don’t break things nowadays like they used to ten years ago, so on your newer devices, feel free to unplug them, count to 30, re-plug-in, and power on.

The only time I would say not to do this is if you have reason to believe your machine has been exposed to a bug/virus/malicious attack. (Or if your machine is ancient-old.)

Hope this saves you some headaches.


Please Note: my data scientist Husband requests I state I’m not liable for any damage incurred to your device from turning it off and on again. So consider it stated. Thanks.