My Husband and I visited Washington D.C. during the Fall of 2018. Such a beautiful and diverse city, rich with history and heavy humidity.

The brand new Bible Museum was easily the highlight of our trip.

We first heard about the Bible Museum from our Pastor, Robert Morris. He mentioned that he’d visited it and recommended that we all get out to see it. Our Pastor is a grammarian, so he described it as detailed and beautifully as he could, but it still didn’t do it justice! It was so much more than we could’ve imagined.

They have 6 floors full of exhibits, and a lower floor where they host exhibits (they were hosting a Jerusalem and Rome artifact exhibit while we were there). 

To give you an idea of what we saw, I am listing the floors with what their website describes for each:

  • Floor 1: Grand Hall – Visit the long-term exhibit from the Vatican Museums and Vatican Library, as well as Courageous Pages, an experience just for kids!
  • Floor 2: The Impact of the Bible – Perhaps no other book has had more impact than the Bible. Discover the Bible’s influence in many familiar though sometimes surprising places — often hidden in plain sight.
  • Floor 3: The Stories of the Bible – Walk through the stories of the Hebrew Bible, immerse yourself in first-century Nazareth, and listen to the story of how the followers of Jesus grew into a thriving community.
  • Floor 4: The History of the Bible – Discover the Bible’s history, from handwritten scrolls to mobile devices, as it was embraced by many communities with different traditions.
  • Floor 5: Special Exhibits, World Stage Theater – The 5th floor features “The People of the Land of Israel,” a long-term exhibit from the Israel Antiquities Authority, as well as a rotating slate of special exhibits.
  • Floor 6: The sixth floor houses Manna, Chef Todd Gray’s newest fast-casual restaurant, as well as stunning views of Washington, D.C.’s iconic skyline.
  • Floor B1: The basement level at Museum of the Bible hosts a variety of special exhibits exploring the Bible’s history and impact.

Don’t let my pictures fool you. There were a lot of people there. We were just doing the introvert thing and dodging them! (And we purposefully went during weekdays during hours when school was in session.)


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We went back a second day to finish seeing what we missed the first day. We agreed that if we’d dedicated three days of 4-5 hours each day to the Bible Museum, it would’ve been an even better pace. There is just too much to see and do there! It’s fantastic.

My Husband and I weren’t the same after the trip. We talked for hours about what we saw and what it all meant. From the sheer number of manuscript copies that survived the ages– regardless of greedy men attempting to use the Bible for power, to the impact the Bible had on history around the world, we were blown away and shocked how solid the Bible’s past really is.

Returning home, I couldn’t un-see the room lined with books representing the languages that still do not have a Bible translation, or the beautiful walk-through Genesis experience (extremely state-of-the-art; was like walking through a movie.) My Husband further researched the man who died a martyr’s death for translating part of the Bible into English so the common folk could read it.

We were sadly under-educated about the Bible and how it’s here for anyone to access. People gave their lives for me to be able to read about what the God of Creation did for me.

We are so grateful we had the opportunity to visit the Bible Museum and learn.

My Husband and I highly recommend the Bible Museum to anyone, any religion, any background. It’s well-run and very family-friendly. (HSP’s and those with Special Needs might want to take along noise-cancelling headphones. Some of the exhibits can be rough for those prone to over-sensitivity due to sound/sight stimuli.) 

If you’d like to support what the Museum of the Bible is doing, or maybe want to plan your own visit, you can learn more here …And you can shop their eclectic store by clicking here.