1. Soultime App

A beautiful app that features soft male and female voices reading scriptures and crooning old hymns, this brand new app has helped me reach the “drop off” point to sleep. And I’ve only been using it since last week.

Cost: Free.

Soultime App Website

2. Pzizz App

Pzizz started out with neurologically engineered “Dreamscapes” to help a person nap or sleep many years ago. Now the Pzizz App has evolved to include focus segments for work, and meditative leadings for overcoming the stone wall of “I’s not sleepies.” I enjoy the nap sequence tucking me in, lulling me, and waking me up gently to “rejoin my day.”

Cost: $9.99/mo. or $99.99/yr.

Pzizz App Website

3. Scripture Lullabies

Some days I just want some soothing music to lull me to sleep. And the best content, I believe, are words from the Bible in its soothing, encouraging message. My Husband and I love these albums, and they are available most everywhere music is sold.

Cost: ~$11.49/each album

Scripture Lullabies Website