This abode is my online dwelling. Shabby, not chic or hip, but comfy. I’m glad you’re here. It tells me you struggle like I do, or, at least, you are interested and curious about the struggle, in living loved.

It was an adventure to get here, to even be willing, to put my heart out there and talk about what has been my struggle. This concept has haunted me, fooled with me, made me question everything… Maybe it does you, too.

My understanding has been enveloped with the idea that I am not loved for what I can do, what I will do, nor, am I loved for what I will achieve, or what I will bring to this earth. I am loved for simply being. The same joy and love my special needs sisters add to the world by just existing is what I hope to relax into.

And in that, I can live loved. And so can you.

Look around. Stay awhile. Or not.

Each of these pages are named after my favorite places in my own home. Maybe they will inspire you. I hope so. Perhaps they will make you feel the need to love yourself more. That would thrill me. Don’t be broken, Friend. Live loved.

Keviana Elliot